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Our Inspiration

We, at BareMetalWarriors, are knives and swords enthusiasts. We are big-time fans of the Forged in Fire show which has also been one of our inspirations for this website.

Knife & swords collection is a hobby in the West but that culture does not exist in India. Even though India has one of the widest varieties of swords and knives, most Indians aren’t aware of this.

Who doesn’t know the legendary capabilities of Damascus steel? It was actually Indian Wootz steel that used to be exported to Damascus and other parts of the Middle East for forging swords, etc.

This hobby of knives and sword collection is dying in India. But seeing the dying art of sword-making is even more distressing. At one time Swords and knives made in India used to be in very high demand in European and Middle Eastern markets.

This website is like a spark to re-enkindle that fire. Let’s save the dying art of blade forging. Let’s keep the art of making one of the finest blades humanity has ever seen.

Our Team

Aditya Singh

“…The real warrior behind BareMetalWarrior!…”

Join thousands of metal warriors

Let’s save India’s dying community and the art of blade forging.