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Are knives legal in India?

This is the first thing that pops into the mind of anyone who is considering buying a knife for general purposes, adventure, or self-defense in India. India has one of the strictest arms laws in the world. So it is normal to be concerned about the legality of buying, owning,… Read More »Are knives legal in India?

Fixed Blades Vs Folding Knives

Do you know that folding and fixed blade knives both have their strengths and drawbacks? Let’s discuss them one by one: Folding knife: In many aspects, a good folding knife can serve as an excellent backup to a fixed blade. They are available in many different styles and often include multiple blades… Read More »Fixed Blades Vs Folding Knives

Choose Knife Sharpeners Wisely

There is a saying “Life is too short to carry a blunt knife”. In the post, we will help you to get the Best Knife Sharpener that makes your knife sharp and well maintained. All knives when used frequently become dull after some time but there are several ways to keep your… Read More »Choose Knife Sharpeners Wisely