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Choose Knife Sharpeners Wisely

There is a saying “Life is too short to carry a blunt knife”. In the post, we will help you to get the Best Knife Sharpener that makes your knife sharp and well maintained.

All knives when used frequently become dull after some time but there are several ways to keep your knife sharp, let’s find out one by one.

Sharpening stones

They are rectangular blocks of stones that are ideally an inch thick and are made from materials like ceramic, diamond, or natural sharpening stones.

These work very well with extremely dull knives because depending on the grade, they can remove a lot of material from the blade. But the user has to be very careful while sharpening the blade otherwise he will end up getting either a damaged edge or sketches all over the blade.

Sharpening steels/Butcher Sharpener

It consists of a round or elliptical steel shaft with a finely textured grinding surface to sharpen knife edges manually.

These steels are usually about 10 inches in length and have a wooden handle. It is a good knife sharpener for Pocket and Survival knives though.

Knife hones

Honing is non-destructive while sharpening is not. Even both have similar functions. Honing has been a maintenance task to be performed quite often while sharpening should be done as little as possible Knife hones come in different styles and sizes. For example, one design has slots that hone and polish the blade. Another design is a small sharpening stone used to run up and down the blade of a knife. It works best on kitchen knives but also works well when sharpening pocket knives.

Electric knife sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners are another alternative for sharpening knives and are a type of utensil that often simplifies the sharpening process, particularly if the knives are being used frequently for various food cutting activities. Electric knife sharpeners are known for their convenience and speed; sometimes they are criticized for giving less control over the process and being bulkier than other methods.

Pull Sharpeners

With this style of sharpener, you hold your knife vertically and pull it through the slot. This sharpener uses preset carbide blades and crossed ceramic stones to bring your knife’s blade razor sharpness. An advantage of handheld pull-through is a comfort for the user who fears ruining the angled edge of the knife. These sharpeners are perfect for every plain blade knife.

Knife sharpeners are tools that have been used ever since the Stone Age when knives were carved out of bare rock. If you are looking for knives or knife sharpening tools visit to find a wide range of knives and other accessories.