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Swiss Army Knives

A Swiss Army Knife is a symbol of service and smart design significant the world over. The origins of the Swiss Army knife date back to the late 1800s when it was used for military purposes.

The idea for the knives came about in the 1880s when the Swiss military decided that it needed to give soldiers a simple, portable tool. At first, no suitable tool-producing factories existed in the country, so they had to outsource the work from Germany, but eventually, a talented Swiss inventor, Karl Elsener, stepped up and manufactured something that fit the bill.

These knives didn’t gain their international prominence until the 1940s when World War II exposed the devices to large audiences of Americans who struggled to say the original name, Schweizer Offiziersmesser. “Swiss army knife,” the literal translation, was easier to handle.

The multi-functional pocket knife from Switzerland has been recognized worldwide for almost 130 years after Karl Elsener, and his mother Victoria began a cutlery company to handle an order for the Swiss army.

He also formed the company Victorinox, combining his mother’s name with inox, the French term for stainless steel. The company has supplied the Swiss army for more than 125 years and also supplies knives to the Germans and 10 other armies.

Victorinox makes 35,000 knives each day and has also branched out into producing luggage and clothing.

The best part about these pocket knives is how relatively accessible they are. These multi-tool knives are high value, but inexpensive.

Swiss Army knives are made to be functional and reliable, whatever you use them for. Swiss Army Knife is ideal for camping and features everything from blades and a can opener to tweezers and a cap lifter. If you’re debating where Swiss Army knife to buy, check out online.